How to Win Your LTD Claim Appeal 

7 Important Steps To Help You Develop a Winning LTD Appeal

Everything depends on receiving disability benefits. Without your benefits, you’d need to
borrow from your family just to pay your mortgage and other expenses.

The insurance company denied your benefits, but said you have 180 days to appeal. How
are you supposed to do that? Are there things you should be doing? Are there things you
should not do. 

How to Win Your LTD Appeal is designed to help.  Appealing an LTD claim denial may seem overwhelming,  but there are several things you can do to help win your appeal. These include:

  1. Carefully reviewing the denial letter, noting all of the reasons for denial
  2. Requesting the claim file from the insurer so you can review what they have and what they don’t have
  3. Preparing arguments to rebut every reason for denial
  4. Obtaining additional evidence of disability
  5. Submitting your appeal
  6. Minimizing the use of social media
  7. Reviewing and scoring any video surveillance taken by the insurance company

The bottom line is that a poorly-planned appeal is unlikely to succeed.  To overturn a denial your appeal must be strategically developed to thoroughly address the insurance
company’s concerns and reasons for denial 

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