Frustrated? Has Your Long Term Disability Appeal Been Denied? We'll Help.

Learn 4 Important Steps to Winning Your Disability Appeal 

Disability Appeal Toolkit & PlannerYou submitted your disability forms to the insurer.  Your doctor told you he was confident your claim would be granted. You were relieved.  You thought you had it in the bag.  Yet, a letter just arrived stating your claim was denied  and you only have up to 180 days to file an appeal.  How are you going to get it done?

This 19-page Disability Appeal Toolkit & Planner is designed to help.  We will guide you through the appeal process in four simplified steps and provide you with convenient worksheets to keep you organized along the way.

To download your copy, fill out the form on this page.  You will be off to a great start.

Ready to learn more about how Riemer Hess can assist your long term disability appeal?  If you provide your phone number, our Relationship Director will call you within 24 hours to review your claim and discuss your next steps. 

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