Preserving Disability Benefits: Proven Strategies & Case Study

Your long term disability benefits are your primary source of income. What would you do if the insurance company took them away?

Preserving-Disability-Benefits- Proven-Strategies-and-Case-Study-Cover-1.jpgWith Riemer & Associates, you finally can rest easy. Over the past 25 years, we have successfully protected thousands of hardworking, disabled professionals and executives like you. We maintain tens of millions of dollars in long term disability benefits each year. What’s more, we’ll cover all of your legal needs for one flat annual fee, regardless what the insurance company throws at you. You’ll never have to worry about the uncertainty of the legal costs necessary to protect your disability benefits.

Here are the pillars: 

• Controlling the Flow of Information

  • Completing Update Forms Requested By the Insurer
  • Screening Attending Physician Forms
  • Providing Advice Regarding Volunteer and/or Work Activity
  • Preparing You for Testing to Support Your Claim
  • Preparing You and Attending All Insurer Interviews
  • Preparing You for All Insurer Examinations
  • Providing Ongoing Advice and Counsel
  • Providing Comprehensive Support

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