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Troy G. Rosasco is Social Security Disability Co-Counsel to Riemer & Associates. Troy is a Senior Partner at Turley, Redmond, Rosasco and Rosasco and has provided legal representation to over 7500 disabled claimants before the Social Security Administration since 1990. He and is considered one of the top Social Security disability attorneys in the New York metropolitan area.

In 1999, Troy successfully argued the leading seizure disorder case of Brown vs. Commissioner of Social Security before the federal Second Circuit Court of Appeals. The federal Court of Appeals is one step below the United States Supreme Court. Because Troy is prepared to go all the way on deserving Social Security Disability claims, you can be sure that the Social Security Administration will be taking his clients seriously when they walk into court.

Troy continues to take and win some of the most difficult and challenging medical and legal Social Security Disability claims in the country. There are several reasons Troy wins the vast majority of his Social Security disability claims.


First, and most importantly, Troy interviews potential clients rather than delegate this key step to overworked and undertrained “Claim Assistants” or “Disability Advocates.” During the initial interview and fact gathering process, Troy is already developing his legal theory to have your case meet the definition of “disability” under Social Security Administration standards. Most cases are won by thorough preparation by the attorney. In this area, Troy is relentless.


Second, Troy has developed a deep understanding of medicine, the functional restrictions caused by various injuries and diseases and Social Security Disability Law. When Troy walks into a hearing before a Social Security Law Judge, it is his goal to know more about the actual medicine behind the claimant’s functional restrictions than the Judge, and to educate the Judge if necessary. Because some clients research their own disabilities through the Internet, Troy will often work with them cooperatively to prepare the medical aspects of the case while explaining how the “law of disability” applies to their condition.


Finally, having been a New York Social Security Disability lawyer for almost 20 years in the challenging metropolitan area, Troy has experience appearing before most of the judges who will decide your case. Every judge handles particular disability claims a little differently. For instance, some are sympathetic towards mental disabilities, while others are less so. For this reason, Troy tailors his legal briefs and court presentations to the individual judge deciding the claim. A combination of knowing the law, the medicine and the judge are the key ingredients to winning your disability claim.


Troy is the Editor and Publisher of the widely followed New York Disability Law Blog. His comments on Social Security disability claims can be found on Twitter @TroyRosascoEsq. He has authored over 25 articles on disability law for various legal periodicals, including the American Bar Association General Practice Section Newsletter, the Queens Lawyer, the Nassau Lawyer and the Suffolk Lawyer. He has guest lectured at both Brooklyn Law School and St. John’s Law School on disability law. He has been a guest on the television program The Common Law and the radio programs Your Legal Rights and Learning About the Law. He has been quoted on and disability issues in the New York Law Journal, Newsday, and the New York Daily News and various on-line periodicals.


A US Air Force veteran, Troy graduated from Cornell University’s School of Industrial & Labor Relations and received his law degree at St. John’s University School of Law where he sits on the Board of Advisors to the Labor & Employment Law Center. He is currently the Second Circuit Representative and Member of the Board of Directors of the National Organization of Social Security Claimant Representatives (NOSSCR) where he is a frequent lecturer to other Social Security Disability claim lawyers. He is a member in good standing of both the New York and New Jersey Bars, and is also admitted to practice before the federal courts of the Eastern District of NY and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

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