How Riemer Hess Can Help You Win Your Long Term Disability Appeal

This video explains the firm’s strategy for winning a long term disability appeal. Receiving a long-term disability denial can be unnerving. The process to appeal can be confusing and difficult. Riemer Hess has the experience to navigate the complex appeals process and pursue your rights. Even if you have a debilitating illness, insurers could still deny your long-term disability claim. Without the proper documentation, there is a good chance your insurer will merely rubber stamp the denial. Our firm will change the claim dynamic by preparing the appeal as though litigation is expected – thereby increasing the chances that your insurer will pay. We arm your long term disability appeal with a multitude of evidence to further support your physical and cognitive limitations. We will gather all of this evidence and compile it into a persuasive brief explaining why the denial was incorrect and should be reversed.


Our disability attorneys understand that leaving the career you’ve worked so hard to build is devastating. Click below to learn how to leave work protected.