Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to secure the long term disability and ERISA benefits of our clients, while providing high-end service that reduces our clients' worry and stress. To accomplish this, we singularly focus on disability law and foster a culture of compassion, service, and excellence.  We take pride in knowing that we get to do this meaningful work every day.  Just see what our clients have to say.


Our Commitment

Our team is strongly committed to:
    • Providing top quality, innovative legal representation that addresses each client’s unique circumstances;
    • Building client relationships based on mutual candor, respect and trust;
    • Monitoring, on a daily basis, all relevant legal developments under ERISA;
    • Advancing the rights of people with disabilities by effecting change in the existing case law;
    • Educating the public through by sharing informative content, writing books, and teaching classes on the topic of long term disability benefits; and
    • Supporting the College Student Scholarship Program


Our Values

    • Extend Yourself – Proactively extend your helping hand to our clients and your co-workers whenever possible. Always look for new and alternative ways to help. Demonstrate flexibility in attending to client’s/coworker’s different styles, preferences and needs. Go the extra mile.

    • Integrity – Be trustworthy and accountable to our clients and our firm every day. Always be honest with yourself and others. Hold yourself to the highest standard of transparency.

    • Improvement – Never be afraid to identify opportunities for improvement.  Look for ways to learn and improve yourself, your skills, and the quality of your work every day.  Adapt to changes and challenges that arise.

    • Empathy – Treat our clients and your co-workers the way they would like to be treated.  Listen carefully to uncover their needs and concerns. Be sensitive and kind in the process.  Always listen to comments, suggestions, and even complaints with an open mind. 

    • Success – Go above and beyond to exceed expectations and achieve successful results for our clients.  Do everything in your power to overcome obstacles. 

    • Dedication – Dedicate yourself to our firm’s cause and our client's needs.  Be motivated to contribute.  Our clients need to know that you will do everything in your power to win their claim, appeal, or litigation.   

    Our Firm values were collaboratively developed by our Staff (updated December 2020).

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