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Are you tired of fighting with your long term disability insurance company and not receiving the benefits you deserve? We're the NYC disability attorneys that insurance companies fear, and we're here to help. 

With over 25 years of experience, our attorneys have successfully sued all of the major long term disability insurers, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits, settlements, and judgments.  We have the track record and reputation to prove it.

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Our 5-star litigation strategy wins in court.

Long term disability insurance litigation is a complex and highly specialized area of legal practice. That's why you need aggressive long term disability litigators who know what it takes to win.  Our proven litigation tactics, extensive knowledge, and impressive success have earned us the deep respect of the insurance industry, the plaintiffs' bar, and our clients. 

In fact, we're the firm teaching other attorneys how to litigate these cases.  Just see our 2021 book published by James Publishing, ERISA Disability Claims and Litigation, and our 2023 Lawline Continuing Legal Education Course ("CLE"), Strategies for ERISA Long Term Disability Litigations


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At Riemer Hess, we're fully prepared to take every case we handle to judgment and will never back down or push you to settle for less than you deserve.  We've also leveraged our strong negotiation skills to secure lucrative settlements without ever having to go to court.

Our clients tell us that we possess a rare blend of expertise, aggression, and compassion that sets us apart.  We love hearing that because our mission is to hold the insurers accountable while providing high-end service that reduces our clients' worry and stress.

We strongly believe that communication, transparency, and client empowerment are key.  We always make sure that our clients are fully informed and know what to expect.  Our clients also have easy access to their legal team and their own secure client portal, where they can see all documents and progress in their file.  Our clients don't experience surprises.

ERISA Disability Litigation: What To Expect


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Chloe was a former ballet dancer who had worked for a prestigious New York City ballet company for over 15 years, eventually becoming the lead performer.  As she aged, she started experiencing severe joint pain and decided to retire at the age of 46 to become the Artistic Director for a prominent ballet company in Manhattan.

Unfortunately, her years as a dancer had taken a toll on her body, causing excruciating pain that made it difficult for her to sit, stand, or walk for prolonged periods of time.  Chloe's doctor diagnosed her with severe arthritis throughout her body and degenerative changes throughout her spine and recommended that she stop working immediately to prevent further progression of her conditions and pain.

Chloe filed a claim for long term disability, but to her surprise, the insurer denied her claim, accusing her of symptom exaggeration.  Despite filing a strongly worded appeal and submitting additional supportive evidence from her doctor, the insurer refused to budge and repeatedly denied Chloe's claim.

Feeling helpless and frustrated, Chloe decided to hire Riemer Hess, a law firm headquartered in NYC that concentrates on long term disability claims and litigation.  Her attorneys prepared a detailed complaint against the insurer, incorporating her comments along the way, and filed the case in court.

Although Chloe's attorneys anticipated a lowball settlement offer from the insurer, they assured her that they would not recommend accepting any low, unfair settlement offer.  They would always be prepared to litigate through judgment to get Chloe what she deserved.

The case started out slow, with the insurer refusing to settle for several months.  Eventually, they asked if Chloe wanted to participate in a mediation, but unfortunately, as predicted, the insurer did not offer much money.  Her attorneys recommended walking away and engaging in further discovery and motion practice to press her case forward.

Chloe's attorneys knew that they needed to fight for her to get what she deserved, even if it meant going to trial.  They prepared Chloe for the trial, and the insurer finally made a fair settlement offer on the eve of trial.  Chloe accepted the offer, thankful for Riemer Hess's tenacity and loyalty, and the fact that the insurer was ultimately accountable to her.


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