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Category: Illnesses - Back Injury

Long Term Disability for Radiculopathy: What You Need to Know

Back Injury Illnesses Back Pain Injury-Back/Lumbar

Radiculopathy is a medical term that describes a set of symptoms related to compression, inflammation, or injury to the spinal nerve roots.  These nerve roots exit the spinal cord and branch out to various parts of the body.  When they are affected, it can lead to serious pain, muscle weakness, numbness, or tingling sensations along the path of the affected nerve.  If you experience radiculopathy, you may suffer from intense and frequent symptoms that interfere significantly with your function, mobility, and ability to work, leading to long term disability.

Below, we’ll discuss important factors to consider when filing a radiculopathy long term disability claim and how an attorney can help you through the process.

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Spinal Stenosis | Long Term Disability Claim Tips

Back Injury Illnesses Back Pain Spinal Stenosis

As we age, every person develops some narrowing of their spinal canal. It is a gradual process and there is usually not serious complications associated with spinal stenosis disability.  A small percentage of the population will suffer more serious complications that can lead to a host of painful symptoms. 


If you are experiencing lower back pain that seems to diminish when you lean or bend forward, you may have spinal stenosis.  If your lower back pain is worse when sitting or standing for long periods or you are having leg numbness or weakness that affects your ability to work, you may need to a disability claim.


Our New York disability attorneys Riemer & Associates have years of experience representing clients suffering from spinal stenosis and many other lower back disabilities.

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Back/Neck Injury | Long Term Disability Claim Tips

Back Injury Neck Pain Illnesses

Neck and back injuries can significantly diminish mobility and cause excruciating pain. A back or neck injury can be the result of work or recreational activities, disease, a fall or other accident, or a degenerative disorder. Back and neck pain is one of the most common reasons why claimants file for long term disability insurance benefits. Insurers routinely deny back and neck pain claims for lack of objective evidence.

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