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Category: Illnesses - Chronic Pain

Insider Tips to Win Long-Term Disability Benefits for Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Getting long-term disability benefits for a chronic pain condition can be extremely difficult.  Insurers tend to heavily scrutinize these claims – often alleging there is no proof and the pain is simply “self-reported.”  Winning long-term disability benefits for chronic pain will take careful planning, preparation, and documentation.  Review these insider tips to get started on a winning path.

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Pain Syndromes | Long Term Disability Claim Tips

Illnesses Fibromyalgia Pain Syndrome Chronic Pain

Chronic pain and pain syndromes can make it impossible for suffers to work. However, insurers regularly discount pain complaints because pain is a subjective experience. You may be in excruciating pain, yet no instrument or test can measure it. The best way for you to get a long term disability insurer to take your complaints of pain seriously is to retain an experienced disability lawyers in new York to handle your claim or appeal. 

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