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ERISA Long Term Disability Lawsuits: What's the Standard of Review?

Litigation ERISA Standard of Review Prepare for Litigation

If you file an Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) long term disability lawsuit, your success will depend heavily on which legal standard of review the court applies.  The standards are anything but equal.  The one used in your case can have a substantial impact on your success.

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5 Challenges You’ll Face in Your ERISA Long Term Disability Lawsuit

Litigation Prepare for Litigation

Litigating an ERISA long term disability lawsuit against your insurer can be an arduous and time-consuming task.  Your attorney must plan strategically to maximize your chances of success.  Even with the most seasoned attorney in your corner, you must still prepare to meet certain challenges.  Here are five challenges you’re likely to face in your ERISA long term disability lawsuit.

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13 Terms to Know for Your Long Term Disability Lawsuit

Litigation Prepare for Litigation

Long term disability lawyers often use legal terms which are confusing for non-lawyers to understand.  At times, it may even sound like a different language.  The long term disability litigation process can be incredibly frustrating if you lack basic understanding of the relevant legal terminology.  Below are the top 13 legal terms you need to know before starting your long term disability lawsuit.

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