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Category: Illnesses - Lyme Disease

Is Lyme Disease a Disability?

Illnesses Lyme Disease

Can Lyme Disease Be Disabling?

lyme disease symptomsYes, for many people, Lyme disease results in short and/or long term disability.  Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness that ranges widely in presentation and severity.  The infection can cause a diverse number of physical and cognitive (i.e., mental) symptoms, which can vary from mild to debilitating.

Lyme Disease can also occur as a co-infection with Babesiosis.  If you suffer from this co-infection, you may experience more severe, chronic symptoms and a longer recovery period.

Whether your Lyme disease is disabling will depend on the nature, frequency, and severity of your symptoms as well as how they interfere with your ability to work.  In order to get approved for disability benefits, you must be prepared to prove to your long term disability insurance company that your Lyme disease symptoms are disabling.

Below we will address several points you should consider before filing your long term disability claim for Lyme disease.


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