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Can I File a Long Term Disability Claim If I Get Fired or Laid Off?

Strategy Policies Strategy - Leave Work Protected Coverage

Often, people suffering from serious medical conditions will attempt to work beyond the point of being unable to successfully fulfill their job duties. While commendable, this mindset of working through your declining health can backfire if you get terminated or laid off.  Many people ask, “Can I still file a long term disability claim through my employer if I get terminated?”

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How to Understand Your Long Term Disability Policy’s Definition of "Disability"

Policies Own Occupation Any Occupation

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Individual Insurance Policy | Appeals

Policies Strategy - Appeal a Denial Individual Policies

Appeals Strategy

When you hire the disability attorneys at Riemer Hess, we sit down with you and formulate a customized strategy for appealing your claim denial. We listen to your needs and concerns and try to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. Although every client and claim is different, there are certain strategies we follow for every appeal.

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Understanding Your Disability Policy | Mental Illness Limitation

ERISA Mental Illness Limitation Policies

Your long term disability policy may limit your period of eligibility if your disability results from a psychiatric condition.  This is commonly referred to as a Mental Illness Limitation.  Notably, the limitation may affect you even if you are not disabled due to a psychiatric condition.

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How Much Can I Expect to Receive from My Long Term Disability Policy?

ERISA Policies Schedule of Benefits

This is a question our disability lawyers are frequently asked by new clients. The amount of your benefit depends on the terms of your policy.  Long term disability policies vary. To learn what yours pays, you will need to refer to the policy or your summary plan description. Several provisions in your policy could affect the amount of your benefit.
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