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Category: Strategy - Attending Physician Statement

Can COVID-19 Long Haulers Get Long Term Disability Benefits?

Strategy - Attending Physician Statement

Even after the worst initial symptoms of COVID-19 have subsided, many COVID-19 patients experience lingering, often debilitating symptoms that could result in long term disability. The term “long haulers” has been used to describe those still coping with COVID-19 symptoms long after their first diagnosis. The number of COVID-19 long haulers could already be in the hundreds of thousands, as experts estimate as many as 10% of COVID-19 patients will classify as long haulers. Many may qualify for long term disability benefits.

Below we will examine the disabling symptoms commonly reported by long haulers, as well as how to determine whether you may be eligible for long term disability benefits if you are a COVID-19 long hauler.


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What Is An Attending Physician Statement? | Long Term Disability Claim Tips

Strategy - Attending Physician Statement


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