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Category: Illnesses - Cancer

Kidney Cancer and Long Term Disability: What You Need to Know

Cancer Illnesses

Can I qualify for long term disability due to kidney cancer?

Yes, kidney cancer can qualify you for long term disability. If you have kidney cancer and long term disability insurance coverage, you may be eligible for benefits, depending on the terms of your policy.  When filing a claim, your insurer typically considers the severity of your condition, its impact on your ability to perform your job duties, and whether you have sufficient supporting medical and vocational evidence.

Below we’ll discuss the ways kidney cancer causes disability and tips for filing a long term disability claim for kidney cancer.

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Pancreatic Cancer and Long Term Disability: What You Need to Know

Cancer Illnesses

Does pancreatic cancer qualify as a long term disability?

Yes, you may qualify for long term disability insurance benefits because of pancreatic cancer.  Pancreatic cancer is a serious condition that may result in long term disability due to its symptoms and the potential impact of treatment side effects.

Despite the seriousness of pancreatic cancer, your insurance company will not automatically approve you for benefits on the basis of a diagnosis alone.  Your insurer will require you provide proof of the severity and frequency of your pancreatic symptoms and evidence of how these symptoms affect your ability to work before approving benefits.

Below we will discuss how pancreatic cancer causes disability, how to prove your pancreatic cancer is disabling, and how an experienced ERISA attorney can help you successfully file a claim for long term disability benefits.


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Lung Cancer and Long Term Disability: What You Need to Know

Cancer Illnesses

How can I get disability for lung cancer?

Many people with lung cancer understandably find themselves unable to work due to their symptoms and the side effects of cancer treatment.  If you’ve received a lung cancer diagnosis, you are likely facing an overwhelming amount of anxiety and concern for your future health and financial security.  Understanding how the long term disability insurance claim process works can help equip you to file a successful long term disability claim if needed.

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Breast Cancer and Long Term Disability: What You Need to Know

Cancer Illnesses

Can I get disability for breast cancer?

Yes, if you have breast cancer, you may be able to receive long term disability benefits. Many with breast cancer are granted long term disability benefits either because of the disease itself or the side effects of treatment. Since breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, affecting hundreds of thousands of people per year, insurance companies are familiar with the disease as a basis for a disability insurance claim.

When you’re facing a breast cancer diagnosis, you will want to know your options for applying for long term disability insurance benefits. Whether or not you personally qualify for long term disability because of your breast cancer will depend on the nature and severity of your symptoms. The diagnosis itself is not enough to win a claim. Your symptoms must impact the ability to perform the duties of your job.

Below we’ll discuss what breast cancer symptoms cause disability, how to prove your breast cancer is disabling to your insurance company, and how a long term disability attorney can help with your claim.

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Cancer | Long Term Disability Claim Tips

Cancer Illnesses

Cancer is one of the leading causes of long term disability. Although a frightening diagnosis in any form, the likelihood of getting approved for disability insurance benefits will be contingent on how serious your cancer symptoms are, the disabling side effects of your treatment, your overall prognosis, and how badly these interfere with your ability to work.

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