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Category: Strategy - Interview with Insurance Company

Preparing for Your Interview with the Insurance Representative

Strategy Strategy - Maintain Benefits Interview with Insurance Company Strategy - Interview with Insurance Company

The insurance company representative assigned to your claim called you yesterday and left a message that they want to interview you.  You couldn't sleep last night worrying your long term disability claim is about to be terminated.   You are not sure if an interview is typical or not, but its sounds very threatening.


Don't worry, you should not necessarily be alarmed.  An insurance company interview is a fairly common part of the claims process.  Indeed, it happens with about 50% of the clients we represent.  While typical, you need to be prepared to explain you disability prior to the interview.

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Long Term Disability Claimant Tip: Avoid the "Typical Day" Trap

Strategy Strategy - Apply for Benefits Strategy - Interview with Insurance Company

Disability insurance companies will often ask you to describe a "typical" day. This is a trap for claimants who suffer from a condition with variable symptoms. If you have such a condition, you generally have "bad" days and "better" days. You may have days when you are feeling so bad that you must stay in bed all day, but you may also have days in which you could perform limited activities. You should tell the insurance company both what you can do on your worst days and what you could do on your better or best days. Be careful about the terminology that you use. Do not substitute "good" day for "better" or "best" day. When you describe a day as a "good" day it implies that on those days you are symptom free, which may not be the case.

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