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Category: Litigation - ERISA

ERISA Long Term Disability Lawsuits: What's the Standard of Review?

Litigation ERISA Standard of Review Prepare for Litigation

If you file an Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) long term disability lawsuit, your success will depend heavily on which legal standard of review the court applies.  The standards are anything but equal.  The one used in your case can have a substantial impact on your success.

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Millions Gained in ERISA Class Action

Litigation ERISA Success Stories Litigation -Class Action

"George” had been a loyal employee of a major bank for over ten years, when the division he worked for was sold off to a competing company and his employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) was partially terminated due to the sale. Strongly believing that he was being unfairly deprived a fair share of the earnings on his investment in the ESOP, he sought expert legal advice.

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Understanding Your Disability Policy | Mental Illness Limitation

ERISA Mental Illness Limitation Policies

Your long term disability policy may limit your period of eligibility if your disability results from a psychiatric condition.  This is commonly referred to as a Mental Illness Limitation.  Notably, the limitation may affect you even if you are not disabled due to a psychiatric condition.

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ERISA Disability Litigation: What To Expect

Litigation ERISA

ERISA litigation can be a long, complicated, and arduous process. Knowing the basics will help you decide whether litigation is right for you.

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How Much Can I Expect to Receive from My Long Term Disability Policy?

ERISA Policies Schedule of Benefits

This is a question our disability lawyers are frequently asked by new clients. The amount of your benefit depends on the terms of your policy.  Long term disability policies vary. To learn what yours pays, you will need to refer to the policy or your summary plan description. Several provisions in your policy could affect the amount of your benefit.
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