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Welcome!  The Info Library is an internet-based resource that addresses in one place your questions and concerns about disability benefits, disability insurers, your illness, your occupation, and filing a claim, appeal or litigation.  In other words, a "Wikipedia" for disability claims.  If you would like to automatically receive new posts, please subscribe below.



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Can I File a Long Term Disability Claim If I Get Fired or Laid Off?

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Often, people suffering from serious medical conditions will attempt to work beyond the point of being unable to successfully fulfill their job duties. While commendable, this mindset of working through your declining health can backfire if you get terminated or laid off.  Many people ask, “Can I still file a long term disability claim through my employer if I get terminated?”

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Why Do You Need A Plan Before Going on Disability?

Strategy Strategy - Leave Work Protected

You hoped you would never have to do this.  But, here you are – about to go on long term disability. 

Do you have a plan? 

If not, you better make one because the process isn’t easy, and you have everything to lose.  Smart planning will make the transition smoother and substantially decrease your risk of claim denial.

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