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Migraine Headaches Impair  Wall Street Trader

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“Dan” was a very successful trader at a major brokerage firm. The job required long hours entertaining clients at night and was very stressful. Dan began to have daily migraine headaches, with both sensitivity to light and sound (photophobia and phonophobia). When he should have been at the trading desk, Dan was forced to escape to a private office and take long naps; he just could not keep up with the requirements of the job. Dan applied for benefits on his own, which were granted.

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How to Prove a Trader is Disabled

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Riemer Hess has handled the long term disability needs of traders from most of the top Wall Street firms. Examples of common disability issues that our firm has handled for our clients include: musculoskeletal injuries to the cervical/lumbar spine and lower extremities precluding the ability to stand for prolonged periods; cardiovascular diseases precluding the ability to work in stressful work environments; visual deficits limiting the ability to analyze information from multiple computer screens; mental illnesses and associated cognitive deficits precluding the ability to work in environments requiring quick-decision making and processing of information. If you feel that you have suffered from any of these issues due to your occupation, contact our disability insurance attorneys today. 

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