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Dentist Prevails Over Insurer’s Improper Application of the Mental Illness Limitation

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“Dr. X” was a successful Dentist in Westchester County suffering from major depression, anxiety, and associated symptoms.  She applied for benefits and the insurance company granted them under the policy, subject to the two year mental illness limitation in the policy. 

While out on disability, Dr. X subsequently sustained physical injuries to her right shoulder when she fell walking down a flight of stairs.  These injuries, independent of her depression and anxiety, precluded her from performing routine dental procedures with her dominant arm. 

Dr. X promptly notified the insurance company regarding her physical injuries and submitted medical evidence substantiating her physical restrictions and limitations of her dominant upper extremity.  The insurance company, however, discontinued Dr. X’s benefits by invoking the 24-month Mental Illness Limitation, despite the new physical injuries suffered by Dr. X.

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Hand Tremors Disable Dentist

Jobs Success Stories Dentist Case Studies

Dr. Jones, a Dentist with a successful New York City practice, was suffering from cervical radiculopathy, upper extremity pain, and tremors of his hands. 

As his medical conditions progressed, it became increasingly difficult for Dr. Jones to hide his daily pain and discomfort.  Dr. Jones worried that his patients would notice his tremors thus creating added anxiety to his/her overall treatment experience.  Dr. Jones struggled with the decision to end his successful 30+ year dental career. 

Dr. Jones, however, came to Riemer Hess after acknowledging his conditions could pose a danger to his patient’s safety as he performed procedures with dental instruments.

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How to Prove a Dentist is Disabled

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Riemer Hess has handled the long term disability needs for dentists. Examples of common disability issues that our firm has handled for our clients include: musculoskeletal injuries to the cervical/lumbar spine and lower extremities precluding the ability to stand/walk or bend for prolonged periods; injuries to the upper extremities (e.g., arms, hands, fingers) limiting the ability to reach, grip and handle objects and perform fine manipulations; vision impairments; cognitive deficits, fatigue, and systemic pain due to autoimmune diseases limiting the ability to maintain attention/concentration, process information efficiently, or work an 8-hour workday; and mental illnesses that limit the ability to interact with others. 

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