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Category: Strategy - COVID-19

Can Physicians File A Long Term Disability Claim for Burnout?

PTSD Anxiety Mental Illness Strategy - COVID-19

Are you mentally exhausted from the never-ending flow of COVID patients?  Have you seen more death and suffering than you can even think about?  Are you frustrated, angry, unmotivated, and feeling helpless? You’re definitely burned out, but are you disabled?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, an unprecedented number of physicians are reporting mental health conditions ranging from anxiety and depression to post-traumatic stress disorder.  In a recent study published in The Lancet, researchers from the American Medical Association and Hennepin Healthcare surveyed 21,000 U.S. healthcare workers, nearly 3,000 of whom were physicians.  Almost a third (29.9%) of doctors reported experiencing high stress.  Nearly half (47.7%) reported symptoms of burnout; more than a third (37.3%) said they felt overloaded with work.

As a doctor, you’re used to seeing your patients apply for disability benefits, but the process can seem entirely foreign when it’s your own claim.  Is burnout a covered disability?  Where do you start when you need to file a long term disability claim?

It’s a complicated process.  Here’s what you need to know.


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Learn About Your Policy Terms

Strategy - COVID-19

The terms of your long term disability policy will heavily influence the outcome of your claim. The policy serves as your primary source of rights with respect to your benefits, but it also sets forth many obligations that you must satisfy.  You should thoroughly review your policy before going out on long term disability, filing your claim, or filing an appeal.  Understanding your policy's terms will substantially increase your chances of success. 

There’s a lot to consider, and you need answers.  We can help.  Below you'll find the important terms found in most long term disability policies.  You'll also find numerous tips and best practices for taking advantage of your policy provisions. 

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About COVID-19 Disability

Strategy Strategy - COVID-19

COVID-19 has created significant uncertainty surrounding group short and long term disability insurance benefits.  Get answers about from NYC's top long term disability attorneys below.

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