Announcement: ABA Journal Publishes Riemer Hess LLC Article on ERISA Disability Claims Regulations

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Announcement: ABA Journal Publishes Riemer Hess LLC Article on ERISA Disability Claims Regulations 

We are pleased to share that Partner Jennifer L.  Hess and Associate Ryan J.  McIntyre of Riemer Hess LLC have authored an important article in the American Bar Association’s Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Law Journal.  The piece, titled “Assessing the 2018 ERISA Long-Term Disability Claims Regulations: Five Years Later,” provides a critical analysis of the major regulatory changes made in 2018 under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). 

law-book-gavel-300x229The article represents a significant undertaking, involving extensive research to evaluate the effects of seven (7) major amendments aimed at improving the claims process for disability benefits.  These changes are designed to enhance procedural fairness and ensure decisions are made with greater transparency. 

Jennifer and Ryan’s work examines how these regulatory updates have influenced claim administration practices, highlighting the enhanced requirements for clear and fair decision-making processes.  It also looks at the legal landscape following these changes, offering insights into how courts have adjusted to the new standards and what this means for claimants and administrators alike. 

The article also discusses potential future developments in ERISA litigation and policy, suggesting areas where further regulatory improvements could benefit claimants.  This comprehensive analysis not only underscores our firm’s expertise but also contributes significantly to the dialogue on best practices in long term disability claims management and litigation. 

This publication is a must-read for legal practitioners, plan administrators, and anyone navigating the complexities of ERISA disability claims.  It equips them with a deeper understanding of the recent regulatory shifts and their practical implications. 

We invite our clients and colleagues in the legal community to explore this detailed study to better grasp the current and evolving dynamics of ERISA and disability law. 

For more details and to access the full article, please click this link. 


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