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Category: Illness - Alzheimer's Disease

Long Term Disability for Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease: What You Need to Know

Illnesses Illness - Alzheimer's Disease

Can I receive long term disability for Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease?

Yes, you can receive long term disability (“LTD”) benefits for Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (“EOAD”).  If you have been diagnosed with EOAD and have disability insurance through your employer or a privately purchased policy, you may qualify for LTD benefits.  However, the process of pursuing LTD benefits for EOAD can be incredibly challenging.

It is essential to first review your insurance policy to understand the terms, conditions, and definitions of disability in your policy.  Each policy is unique, and comprehending your coverage is a vital first step.  To get your claim approved, your insurer will require substantial evidence documenting your diagnosis, progression of symptoms, and proof that your EOAD prevents you from working.

An experienced ERISA attorney can be invaluable during the disability claims process.  Riemer Hess has over 25 years of experience assisting professionals and executives to secure their long term disability benefits.

Below we’ll share information and strategies for proving your EOAD long term disability claim.

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