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Category: Illnesses - Heart Disease

Can I Get Long Term Disability Benefits for Ischemic Heart Disease?

Illnesses Heart Disease Ischemic Heart Disease Cardiovascular

If you have heart disease, you may be considering going out on disability. Heart disease may be robbing you of the energy you need to perform up to expectations. Perhaps you’ve already had a heart attack and are concerned that job stress will cause another.  Before making any changes in your employment, it’s a good idea to speak with one of the New York disability lawyers at Riemer & Associates.   Our seasoned disability attorneys can review your policies with you and provide you with an evaluation of your claim.  If you decide to file for benefits, we can help you plan your exit from work and prepare a strong claim.

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Is Heart Disease A Disability?

Illnesses Heart Disease Cardiovascular

If symptoms of heart disease are making it difficult or impossible for you to do your job, your employer-provided long term disability policy may provide benefits. Heart disease can be a debilitating ailment and is a common reason for disability claims. The New York disability attorneys at Riemer Hess have helped many clients with heart conditions obtain benefits.

Below you’ll find tips on filing your long term disability claim for heart disease conditions.
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