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Lawsuit Won for Senior Manager With Depression

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“Larry” was a senior manager at a major consulting firm. As a result of a series of major stresses in both his personal and professional life, Larry was hospitalized with major depression and suicidal ideation. When the insurance company denied Larry’s claim, Larry hired Riemer Hess to prepare an appeal.

The Firm submitted comprehensive letters from Larry’s treating psychiatrists, who opined that Larry was disabled from any occupation; detailed statements of Larry’s family and co-workers, corroborating his incapacity; and an in depth affidavit from Larry describing how depression slowly but surely made him unable to function and took away all joy in his life. The insurance company still denied Larry’s appeal, asserting that Larry did not submit objective proof of his depression even though it is well known that disability from depression cannot be demonstrated “objectively.”

Riemer Hess immediately commenced a lawsuit on Larry’s behalf in Federal Court. Our persistence eventually convinced the insurer to settle the case. Larry received a substantial lump sum settlement and can now get on with his life.

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Back Injury Debilitates a Department Store Manager

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“Leslie” was a manager at a major department store who suffered a crippling back injury, which required her to endure eight painful back operations. Leslie’s insurance company denied her claim in spite of the fact that her job required her to be on her feet most of the day as well as continually bend. This denial was based solely on language in one of her doctor’s treatment notes stating that she was “feeling better.”

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How to Prove an Executive/Manager is Disabled

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Riemer Hess has handled the long term disability needs of many clients working in management positions. Examples of common disability issues that our firm has handled for our clients include: musculoskeletal injuries to the neck, back, and legs making prolonged sitting, standing, and walking impossible; injuries to the shoulders, arms, and hands limiting the use of the computer on a frequent basis; cognitive deficits, fatigue, and systemic pain due to autoimmune diseases limiting the ability to maintain attention/concentration, process information efficiently, or work a full day; mental illnesses limiting the ability to interact with supervisors, subordinates, and customers.  

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