Back Injury Debilitates a Department Store Manager

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“Leslie” was a manager at a major department store who suffered a crippling back injury, which required her to endure eight painful back operations. Leslie’s insurance company denied her claim in spite of the fact that her job required her to be on her feet most of the day as well as continually bend. This denial was based solely on language in one of her doctor’s treatment notes stating that she was “feeling better.”

have-a-back-pain-free-day-mdn.jpgIn order to challenge this denial, Riemer Hess:

  1. obtained additional reports from Leslie’s treating physicians;
  2. clarified that the improvement described in the treatment notes as only temporary; and
  3. prepared a detailed statement for Leslie describing the exertion requirements of her occupation.

The insurance company reversed itself, paid Leslie all past benefits owed, and placed Leslie on disability benefits. Riemer Hess continues to work with Leslie to ensure that her benefits are not interrupted.

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