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Category: Litigation - Success Story

Court Strips Aetna of its Discretionary Authority in an ERISA long term disability litigation

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In an ERISA New York disability litigation against Aetna, Riemer Hess successfully argued the Court should review the case under the plaintiff-friendly de novo standard – substantially increasing the Plaintiff’s chances of prevailing.  The Court, in following the Second Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling in Halo vs. Yale Health Plan, stripped Aetna of its discretionary authority because it failed to to strictly adhere to the ERISA claims regulations, and its violations were neither inadvertent nor harmless.

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Plaintiff Awarded Over 15 Years of Unpaid Benefits In Hotly Contested Long Term Disability Lawsuit

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Riemer Hess aggressively litigated a hotly contested long term disability lawsuit against Sun Life – ultimately winning over 15 years of unpaid benefits for the Plaintiff, despite Sun Life’s unsuccessful appeals. The judge’s opinion in this case is a major victory for the Plaintiff, as well as future disabled claimants who are victims of insurance company abuse and delay tactics.

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