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Riemer Hess Obtains Major Victory Against Unum in New York Long Term Disability Lawsuit

Litigation Mediation Settlement


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Q&A: NYC Long Term Disability Attorneys Discuss Their New Book, “ERISA Disability Claims and Litigation (2021)”

Litigation ERISA

Our new book, ERISA Disability Claims and Litigation (2021), authored by New York City ERISA attorneys Scott Riemer and Jennifer Hess of Riemer Hess LLC, offers expert knowledge to successfully file, appeal, and litigate ERISA disability claims. Published by James Publishing, this latest edition discusses updates to ERISA policies, best practices and procedures when handling claims, and more. 

Below, the authors discuss the most common questions they get about their new book.

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When Can You File Your ERISA Long Term Disability Litigation?

Litigation ERISA Strategy - Benefit Value


Timing is critical for ERISA long term disability litigation – and a factor claimants often overlook or misunderstand. Failure to file your ERISA litigation at the correct time can have dire consequences for you and your disability benefits.

If you file too early, the court often will dismiss your case, thus costing you valuable time and money spent on preparing your litigation. You may have an opportunity to correct the error of filing too early, as detailed below. However, there are much more serious and permanent consequences if you file your lawsuit too late. If you file after the statute of limitations, your claim will likely be dismissed, and you will be permanently unable to recover your benefits in court.

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About Litigation



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ERISA Long Term Disability Lawsuits: What's the Standard of Review?

Litigation ERISA Standard of Review Prepare for Litigation

If you file an Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) long term disability lawsuit, your success will depend heavily on which legal standard of review the court applies.  The standards are anything but equal.  The one used in your case can have a substantial impact on your success.

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