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Category: Litigation

10 Benefits of Mediating Your Long Term Disability Lawsuit

Litigation Mediation Settlement

The court may require you to participate in some form of mediation during your long term disability lawsuit, depending on where your case is located.  Even if you aren’t required to mediate, your attorney may still recommend mediation because of its potential benefits for you.  Knowing the benefits and opportunities mediation presents will help you understand what to expect and whether mediation is right for your long term disability lawsuit.

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13 Terms to Know for Your Long Term Disability Lawsuit

Litigation Prepare for Litigation

Long term disability lawyers often use legal terms which are confusing for non-lawyers to understand.  At times, it may even sound like a different language.  The long term disability litigation process can be incredibly frustrating if you lack basic understanding of the relevant legal terminology.  Below are the top 13 legal terms you need to know before starting your long term disability lawsuit.

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Precedent Established for Interest on Delayed Benefits

Litigation Jobs Success Stories Accountant Case Studies

“Alice” was an accountant at a major accounting firm. As a result of the debilitating symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, she was forced to apply for disability benefits. For almost five years, the insurance company continued to turn down Alice’s appeals, which she handled herself.

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Millions Gained in ERISA Class Action

Litigation ERISA Success Stories Litigation -Class Action

"George” had been a loyal employee of a major bank for over ten years, when the division he worked for was sold off to a competing company and his employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) was partially terminated due to the sale. Strongly believing that he was being unfairly deprived a fair share of the earnings on his investment in the ESOP, he sought expert legal advice.

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5 Do's and Don'ts When Litigating Long Term Disability Claims in Court


Here are 5 do's and don'ts to help win a long term disability claim in Court.

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