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Category: Strategy

What Is ERISA and Long-Term Disability Insurance?

ERISA Strategy Coverage

It is unfortunately common for those who have taken out disability insurance policies in good faith to find that their benefits are denied when it comes time to file a claim. Whether a person purchased an insurance policy through their employer or through a separate insurance agent, the process of obtaining benefits does not always go as smoothly as one may hope.

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Dealing with Long Term Disability Cancellations

Strategy Strategy - Maintain Benefits

If you receive long term disability under your employer's plan, it's important to understand that those benefits may not be permanent. Skilled NY long term disability lawyers discuss reasons why your benefits may be cancelled and what you can do about it.

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Factors That Jeopardize Long-Term Disability Benefits in NY

Strategy Strategy - Apply for Benefits Strategy - Maintain Benefits

If you qualified for and receive long term disability benefits in NY from your employer, this can represent a significant source of financial relief during your absence from work. However, there are still certain events that can put your benefits in jeopardy.

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Long Term Disability Tip: Case Managers are NOT your Friend


Your long term disability claim case manager is not your friend, your advocate, or your confidant. Don’t be fooled. No matter how empathetic, how friendly or how helpful your case manager appears to be, your case manager is your adversary. What you say, can and will be used against you in not only your claim, but in any legal proceeding in the future. Be careful.

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Long Term Disability Claimant Tip: Avoid the "Typical Day" Trap


Disability insurance companies will often ask you to describe a "typical" day. This is a trap for claimants who suffer from a condition with variable symptoms. If you have such a condition, you generally have "bad" days and "better" days. You may have days when you are feeling so bad that you must stay in bed all day, but you may also have days in which you could perform limited activities. You should tell the insurance company both what you can do on your worst days and what you could do on your better or best days. Be careful about the terminology that you use. Do not substitute "good" day for "better" or "best" day. When you describe a day as a "good" day it implies that on those days you are symptom free, which may not be the case.

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