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This is Tom.

He’s an attorney currently receiving disability benefits from an insurer.

Tom is concerned that the insurance company will arbitrarily terminate his benefits.

He is afraid and doesn’t  want to say or do the wrong thing.  He doesn’t know what he should be doing, and he gets nervous every time the insurer asks him for updated information.

Although he’s an attorney, he does not practice disability law.  Riemer Hess understands and has dealt with Tom’s insurance company for years.  They represent hundreds of clients exactly like Tom.

Tom asks Riemer Hess to take over.  They insist that the insurer send all communications to them and not Tom.  Tom no longer receives surprise phone calls asking for information.

When the insurer sends out its periodic request for an update, Riemer Hess manages all of the responses on Tom’s behalf.

We work with many clients like Tom who benefit from our vast experience.  All of Tom’s concerns and questions are addresses.

Riemer Hess approaches every claim with an unwavering focus on integrity, transparency, compassion, and protecting of the rights of our clients.

If you would like help continuing your disability benefits, please contact Riemer Hess at: 212.297.0700

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