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Category: Strategy

Sneaky Surveillance Tactics Used to Deny Long Term Disability Benefits

Strategy Strategy - Surveillance

Riemer Hess Surveillance Video

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Long term disability insurance companies spend millions of dollars annually to spy on their claimants.  In conducting surveillance, the insurer wants to “catch” you performing activities that are inconsistent with your disability claim.  If the insurer is successful, it will use the damaging surveillance as “evidence” to deny or terminate your long term disability benefits – saving the company money in the process. 

The insurance companies see surveillance as a worthwhile investment to increase the company’s profitability.  Unfortunately, it works.  Every year, the insurance companies save money by denying thousands of long term disability claims based on evidence obtained during surveillance.

How far will the insurance company go to spy on you?  You might be surprised.  Learn the top 10 sneaky surveillance tactics used by long term disability insurance companies below.

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Top 10 “Red Flags” That Endanger Long Term Disability Benefits

Strategy Strategy - Continuation of Benefits Strategy - Maintain Benefits

Do you know the red flags that can trigger termination of your long term disability benefits after approval?  You should.  Raising just one of these red flags may be all it takes to be left without critical income for you and your loved ones.  Learn the top 10 red flags insurance companies use to terminate approved claims below.

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Can a Vestibular Evaluation Help Prove Your Disability Claim?

Strategy Strategy - Evidence

Vestibular dysfunction can be extremely distressing and disabling.  A vestibular evaluation is one of the best ways to prove the severity of a long term disability due to vestibular dysfunction.  This is because the evaluation will provide an objective proof of your vestibular symptoms (including dizziness, vertigo and balance issues) in a way that medical records alone cannot.

Learn whether a vestibular evaluation may help prove your long term disability claim.

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Why Do You Need A Plan Before Going on Disability?

Strategy Strategy - Leave Work Protected

You hoped you would never have to do this.  But, here you are – about to go on long term disability. 

Do you have a plan? 

If not, you better make one because the process isn’t easy, and you have everything to lose.  Smart planning will make the transition smoother and substantially decrease your risk of claim denial.

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Preparing for Your Interview with the Insurance Representative

Strategy Strategy - Maintain Benefits Interview with Insurance Company Strategy - Interview with Insurance Company

The insurance company representative assigned to your claim called you yesterday and left a message that they want to interview you.  You couldn't sleep last night worrying your long term disability claim is about to be terminated.   You are not sure if an interview is typical or not, but its sounds very threatening.


Don't worry, you should not necessarily be alarmed.  An insurance company interview is a fairly common part of the claims process.  Indeed, it happens with about 50% of the clients we represent.  While typical, you need to be prepared to explain you disability prior to the interview.

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