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Category: Strategy

Preparing for Your Interview with the Insurance Representative

Strategy Strategy - Maintain Benefits Interview with Insurance Company Strategy - Interview with Insurance Company

The insurance company representative assigned to your claim called you yesterday and left a message that they want to interview you.  You couldn't sleep last night worrying your long term disability claim is about to be terminated.   You are not sure if an interview is typical or not, but its sounds very threatening.


Don't worry, you should not necessarily be alarmed.  An insurance company interview is a fairly common part of the claims process.  Indeed, it happens with about 50% of the clients we represent.  While typical, you need to be prepared to explain you disability prior to the interview.

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Exertional v. Non -Exertional Limitations

Strategy Strategy - Limitations and Restrictions Strategy - Exertional Limitations Strategy - Non-exertional Limitations

You feel fine physically, but you have difficulty concentrating.  It happens mostly when you are stressed.  You can do all the physical aspects of your job, but are now taking too much time to read all the material you must read.   Sometimes you need to read the same paragraph three times before you understand it.  Are you disabled from your job?   Can you collect disability benefits?

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Protecting Your Long Term Disability Benefits | 5 Do's and Don'ts

Strategy Strategy - Maintain Benefits

Here are 5 do's and don'ts that will help protect your long term disability benefits from being terminated by the insurance company.

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How to Win Your Long Term Disability Appeal - 5 Do's and Don'ts

Strategy Strategy - Appeal a Denial

Here are five do's and don'ts that will help you win your long term disability appeal.

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Excuses Insurers Will Use to Terminate Your Long Term Disability Benefits

Strategy Strategy - Maintain Benefits

At Riemer Hess, our New York disability attorneys assist claimants with the preparation of the insurer’s request for updated information on a daily basis from all of the major disability insurance companies.  The process may appear to be a simple matter of obtaining and submitting the requested information, but this process does not come without challenges.  Given our experience with the various insurers, we have developed proven strategies to overcome these obstacles.  Beware of the following Red flags.

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