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Category: Jobs

Dentist Prevails Over Insurer’s Improper Application of the Mental Illness Limitation

Jobs Success Stories Dentist Case Studies

“Dr. X” was a successful Dentist in Westchester County suffering from major depression, anxiety, and associated symptoms.  She applied for benefits and the insurance company granted them under the policy, subject to the two year mental illness limitation in the policy. 

While out on disability, Dr. X subsequently sustained physical injuries to her right shoulder when she fell walking down a flight of stairs.  These injuries, independent of her depression and anxiety, precluded her from performing routine dental procedures with her dominant arm. 

Dr. X promptly notified the insurance company regarding her physical injuries and submitted medical evidence substantiating her physical restrictions and limitations of her dominant upper extremity.  The insurance company, however, discontinued Dr. X’s benefits by invoking the 24-month Mental Illness Limitation, despite the new physical injuries suffered by Dr. X.

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Depression Incapacitates An Insurance Company Attorney

Jobs Success Stories Attorney Case Studies

 “Kate” was a successful attorney at an insurance company before she became incapacitated by major depression. She applied for and was granted disability benefits. After receiving benefits under her policy for over 10 years, she was informed by the insurance company that her disability was being re-evaluated. As part of the re-evaluation, the insurance company wanted to interview Kate in her home.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Ravages Television Producer

Jobs Success Stories TV Producer Case Studies Producer

“Danielle” was a producer at a television station.  As a producer, Danielle was required to fly around the world at a moment’s notice and had to meet impossible deadlines. Unfortunately, she had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for many years.  Eventually, the pain and fatigue took its toll and Danielle could no longer handle the rigors of the job.

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Migraine Headaches Impair  Wall Street Trader

Jobs Success Stories Case Studies Trader

“Dan” was a very successful trader at a major brokerage firm. The job required long hours entertaining clients at night and was very stressful. Dan began to have daily migraine headaches, with both sensitivity to light and sound (photophobia and phonophobia). When he should have been at the trading desk, Dan was forced to escape to a private office and take long naps; he just could not keep up with the requirements of the job. Dan applied for benefits on his own, which were granted.

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Multiple Sclerosis Incapacitates District Sales Manager

Jobs Success Stories Sales Manager Case Studies District Sales Manager

“Alison” was the District Sales Manager for a major insurance company. Unfortunately, she had been struggling with Multiple Sclerosis for many years.  After working for almost 30 years for this company and achieving significant professional success, she was denied long term disability benefits under both a group policy and an individual policy issued by her employer.

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