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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Debilitates a Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney

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“Bill” was a successful mergers and acquisitions attorney with a major law firm. Bill suffered from debilitating fatigue and cognitive deficits as a result of chronic fatigue syndrome.

The insurance company denied his claim on the sole ground that Bill stated in his application form that he was “exercising lightly three or four times a week.” The insurer claimed that this was inconsistent with his claim of disability.

Businessman being depressed by accounting in his office.jpegWhen Bill received the insurance company’s frivolous denial, he knew he needed expert help and could no longer represent himself.

Bill hired Riemer Hess to submit a comprehensive appeal. The appeal included neuropsychological testing, and abnormal findings on a tilt table test, sleep study, brain SPECT scan, spinal tap, and blood work.

Upon receiving the Firm’s detailed and thorough appeal, the insurance company reversed itself, paid Bill all past benefits owed, and placed Bill on benefit. Riemer Hess continues to work with Bill to ensure that his benefits are not interrupted.


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