Claimant Suffering from Bipolar Disorder Allowed to File Lawsuit as "John Doe"

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A claimant suffering from bipolar disorder may bring a Lawsuit Disability New York under a fictitious name in order to preserve his privacy. Riemer Hess convinced the federal district court in New Jersey to allow our client to serve as the lead plaintiff in a class action, using the name "John Doe" instead of his real name. Our client was very concerned that if he used his real name that he would be stigmatized as having bipolar disorder, causing him embarrassment and preventing him from working in the future. The Court agreed, holding:

Lawsuit Disability New York

"[T]here is substantial public interest in ensuring that cases like the plaintiff's are adjudicated and the rights of mental illness sufferers are represented fairly and without the risk of stigmatization. However, this goal cannot be achieved if litigants suffering from mental illness are chilled from ever reaching the courthouse steps for fear of repercussions that would ensue if their condition was made public."

Doe v. Hartford Life and Accident Ins. Co., 05 Civ. 2512(JLL)(D.N.J. July 14, 2006).

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