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If you receive long term disability under your employer's plan, it's important to understand that those benefits may not be permanent. Skilled NY long term disability lawyers discuss reasons why your benefits may be cancelled and what you can do about it.

Reasons Why a Claim Can Be Cancelled


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As NY long term disability lawyers can explain, if you receive long term disability benefits, consider yourself under close scrutiny at all times.  It is not uncommon for an adjuster to order surveillance of a claimant in an attempt to catch them performing activities their disability should prevent them from doing.

If your condition improves and you are no longer disabled in the eyes of the plan administrator, your benefits may be cancelled.

Impact of Cancellation

Certainly the biggest impact of long term disability benefit cancellation is financially oriented. If you have been relying on benefits to make ends meet, a sudden cancellation can be devastating. If this happens, contact your attorney about options for an appeal.

Additionally, the basis for the cancellation may also be an impediment for pursuing other types of disability benefits including those through the Social Security Administration.

Options for Dealing with a Cancellation

Again, you may have an opportunity to file an appeal if you face a benefit cancellation. Like your initial claim for benefits, it's important to have copious documentation to support your claim. Attention to details cannot be stressed enough. Your attorney can review your documentation and help put you in touch with medical experts who work towards accurately describing and documenting the type of disability you suffer from and how it impacts your daily life and ability to work. The ability to appeal also comes with stringent deadlines. If one is missed, you may lose the ability to apply for benefits again.

Contact NY Long Term Disability Lawyers

If you have a disability claim, it's important to have experienced NY long term disability lawyers in your corner. To set up an appointment for an initial consultation and help in developing an aggressive claims strategy, contact the law office of Riemer Hess LLC at 212.297.0700.


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