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This is Jane.

She is a successful investment banker.

She needs to go out on disability but is concerned about telling her employer about her disability and dealing with her disability insurance company.

Riemer Hess listened to Jane’s concerns, and came up with a plan, setting Jane’s mind at ease.

Riemer Hess communicated with Jane’s human resources department.  They contacted Jane’s doctors and insurance company.  They helped Jane complete all of the disability forms.

When the insurance company had followup questions and requests, Riemer Hess handled their requests.

When the insurance company asked to have Jane submit to an in-person interview, Riemer Hess prepped her for the interview, discussed potential questions with her, and protected her during the interview.

Riemer Hess guided Jane every step of the application process, protecting and preparing her.

As with the vast majority of Riemer Hess clients, Jane’s application for benefits was granted.

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