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In order to qualify for disability benefits for either a diminished ability to see or hear, your impairment must be significantly advanced.  You may find it in your best interests to hire our New York disability insurance attorneys if you are completing an initial application or appealing a denied claim. 

Vision Loss

There are very few occupations whose tasks can be performed by a worker suffering from profound vision loss.   Some examples of vision impairments that may cause disability are cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.  Riemer Hess disability insurance attorneys will work with you to help support your disability. This will require gathering medical evidence such as vision tests, treatments and written reports from the treating doctor.

Hearing Loss

As with vision impairments, a claimant will need to demonstrate that he suffers severe to profound hearing loss that significantly diminishes his ability to perform basic work duties in order to be deemed eligible for disability benefits.  Many people suffer some degree of hearing loss, and, unless it is so extensive as to render the claimant unable to work, he will not be able to obtain benefits.

Work with Our New York Disability Insurance Attorneys If You Have Been Denied Benefits

Given how important it is for a claimant who is truly disabled to receive benefits, it is a good idea to work with a New York long term disability attorney who has a proven track record of successfully helping clients win on appeal.  Call Riemer Hess LLC, Attorneys at Law, at 212-297-0700 today.

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